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Jennifer Council

Jenn grew up on the other side of the pond as well as all over the country. The scenery was always changing but the animal attraction did not. Jennifer worked as a dog trainer for many years. This included pet dog training, quarrying for the West Vancouver Police, trialing and training dogs in agility, tracking, sledding, lure coursing and showing dogs in conformation. For a change of pace Jenn also worked with Orcas, Beluga Whales and Sea Lions in her younger years. Since moving to Alberta in 2004 Jennifer has continued working with animals volunteering for the Alberta Birds of Prey Centre, teaching a few dog training classes and raising & showing her CKC Registered Whippets. Jennifer is also a registered Primary Care Paramedic – licensed with the Alberta College of Paramedics. Working at Barrett Veterinary Practice has given her a chance to combine her love of animals and medicine and keeps her closer to home. Jenn currently lives in the country south of Calgary with her small herd of horses, whippets, cats, chicken “nugget”, 1 calf and her man.